Aunto Premium provides your community with more features.

Built-in CAPTCHA bot challenges

Enforces bans across alt accounts

Used by hundreds of servers

Aunto Premium

Subscribe to Aunto Premium to protect your server from even the most advanced raids and attacks, and to make sure we can keep the lights on!

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Aunto Basic (Free)Aunto Premium
For small servers and communities that only need basic protection from raids, alt accounts and spammers.For large or important servers and communities that require the most advanced protection.
CAPTCHA web verification — Users verify themselves online via the Aunto portal, preventing raids and abuse.
Advanced alt detection — Detect and block alt accounts used to bypass bans and punishments.
GDPR & CCPA compliant — Aunto is GDPR compliant and registered as a data controller with the UK ICO.
Ban enforcement — Aunto automatically enforces bans across alternative accounts.
Block suspicious accounts — Block accounts that are too young or that have default avatars.
Minimal mode — Verifies users in just a few seconds without a CAPTCHA. The best option for large communities.
Timeout enforcement — Enforces timeouts and persists roles across alt accounts. Coming soon to Premium.Work in progress - No ETA
Proxy and VPN detection — Block proxies and VPNs from being used during verification to increase security.500 included verification per day - contact us for custom pricing
Ban alt account usage — If needed, you can completely prevent users from having alt accounts in your community.
Custom verification message — Allows you to customize the verification embed's content. More coming soon!
Custom subdomain — Use a custom subdomain to further customize Aunto, such as or in progress - No ETA
Raid protection — Detect and block raids automatically using Aunto's risk logic. Coming soon to Premium.Work in progress - No ETA
CAPTCHA providers — The providers that offer challenges to your users when they are verifying based on your mode.Cloudflare Turnstile
Simple In-Discord CAPTCHA
Aunto Minimal Mode
Cloudflare Turnstile
Simple In-Discord CAPTCHA
hCaptcha (Intuition Machines)
Verified roles limit — The maximum amount of roles Aunto will issue after successful verification.Only 1 verified roleUp to 10 verified roles
Blacklisted roles limit — The maximum amount of roles you can tell Aunto to block verifications from (e.g. Muted).Up to 3 blacklisted rolesUp to 25 blacklisted roles
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