Aunto protects hundreds of communities from attacks.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Enforces bans across alt accounts

Used by hundreds of servers

Stop bots from chatting easily.

Verification through Aunto is completed outside of Discord, meaning you get advanced alternative account and bot protection that is hard to bypass.

Get insights into alt accounts.

Easily access a full list of alternative accounts used in your server by your members using just one command. Automatically take action on users who own alts that are banned.

Keep logs of verifications.

Look back at how and when your members are verifying, and get notified if Aunto detects a possible alt account.

Discord-based verification.

Don't want your users to have to verify via Aunto's online portal? No problem. Just use our 'Simple' mode, where users get verified right in Discord.

Wondering why Aunto's challenges look so unique? This is to confuse simple bots that use machine vision technology to solve challenges.