Aunto's automod puts you first.

Other automods simply don't have as many configuration options. Compared to some of the biggest moderation bots on Discord, Aunto gives you more control and doesn't lock away basic essential (like invite link blocking) behind paywalls.

You've got tons of options.

From how the automod works to how Aunto performs actions, you're in control. We have a massive array of actions to choose from.

Big or small, we've got you covered.

Whether you're just getting started or have been going for years: Aunto fits seamlessly into your moderation flow. Let Aunto handle all your moderation needs, and give your staff members the tools and commands they need.

One of the most advanced anti-raids.

Aunto has multiple layers of protection against raids. We can proactively block mass-joining attacks and detect attacks if they reach your chats. Pretty unique, don't you think?